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Duplicate Licenses. Lost your license? Download a duplicate license request form here. Please email with any questions. 

Game Score Reporting. Coaches are to report their scores immediately after their games at Coaches do not report forfeits in TeamSideline. Instead, report forfeits to the League PAD rep, Shandi Virnoche. Report forfeit.

Rainout Info. All Woodland, West Sac, Parkway and Clarksburg fields are available rain or shine. Sacramento fields follow Sac City rules, and Coaches will need to call the Rain line at 916-277-2336 – this also applies to Sac school fields. Home and Visitor Coaches should keep in contact with each other as to game play.

 Club Statisticians: Contact info here.

 How to minimize run-up scores. While it’s not much fun to lose a soccer game (although we all know there are many valuable coaching moments involved here), in general, it’s especially difficult when an opponent runs up the score. After a blowout, the losing coach has the difficult job of taking care of players’ hurt feelings and their self-esteem issues, not to mention disgruntled parents. 

So, what can coaches and players do to avoid running up the score? Frequently, coaches of stronger teams can and will impose restrictions on their own players in an effort to hold down the score. The trick to success is to impose restrictions in a respectful way that is not insulting to the weaker team. 

Below is a list, which by no means is comprehensive, that can provide guidance to coaches to minimize run up scores:

  1. Have your players change positions, moving and removing players where appropriate.
  2. Have players shoot only with their weaker foot. 
  3. Make 5 to 10 consecutive passes before attacking the goal. 
  4. Score only after successfully executing a wall pass or a specific dribbling fake in the offensive third of the field.
  5. Require that no one score until a designated player scores. 
  6. Enforce three-touch or two-touch passing limitations. Allow two-touch passing in the defensive end and one-touch in the offensive end. 
  7. Following restarts (including throw-ins), all 11 players must touch the ball before attacking the goal. 

Have a great second half of the season!!! 

PS. Please keep in mind those coaches that you think are deserving of the “CYSA Coach of the Year” nominations to represent SYSL.