July 2000 Board Meeting Minutes

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Sacramento Youth Soccer League
Affiliated with: C.Y.S.A - N. - U.S.Y.S.A. - U.S.S.F. & F.I.F.A. 

TUESDAY, July 11, 2000


President, Kathy Ayala, called the meeting to order at 7:55 p.m.

All clubs in attendance but SouthGate.

June minutes approved with amendments. Third page in Committees report. The restriction to use of Garcia Bend 
is field 2 cannot be used on Fridays only.
Ross Meier of GH motion to accept, Liz Buno second. 

Thursday, August 10 at 8:00 p.m. is a mandatory meeting for PAD representatives. To be held at Johnnie's 
Sidewalk Pizza. July 27th, Thursday will be the seeding meeting. Location to be decided.
A reminder to the Managers for the list of coaches who will be attending the seeding meeting. Please see Janet at 
the end of tonight’s meeting.

Handout of report for June 1, 2000 - June 30, 2000. No questions or comments.

Thank you to Janet Sheets for taking the minutes at the June 2000 meeting and to Kathy for typing and mailing. 
The August meeting will be hosted by Clarksburg.

There are presently 7500 registered players to date. Once a player is assigned to a team no changes are allowed.
Of course there are some exceptions. For any change prior to lamination, after team assignment there is a $5.00 
fee per players. $15.00 per player fee for changes after lamination and prior to seeding. 

A fee of $25.00 fee will be charged for any changes after seeding. This will be unusual as when a player plays for
one second on a team they are married to that team.

A parent from East Sac submitted a letter to request a child U10 be allowed to play U8 as the child is diagnosed 
with autism. A letter is submitted from the child's physician. A motion made by Alan Whisenand to approve child to play down, M/S/P.

Kathy Ayala gave information about the permits on hand. City of West Sacramento, ARCO, Dixon Unified School 
District, Dixon Parks & Rec, Woodland Christian, Woodland Joint Unified School District, Washington School, Elk 
Lodge #6, Christian Brothers High School, Yolo County, Sacramento Unified School District, River Delta Parks & 
Rec, Sacramento City, Elk Grove, Consumnes, Dixon May Fair, City of Sacramento Parks & Rec. The City of 
Woodland Parks & Rec needs to be added.

The US Women’s team will be playing against Brazil, 9/1/00 at the Spartan stadium
Let SYSL board know if anyone is interested in tickets.

Janice Warden has information for pins for the season champions. The company of C Sanders did not receive the
check or drawing that was submitted, these are lost. She has asked the designing Club if the copy she has can be used to submit. Approval was given.

The Standings meeting will be held August 10, 2000 @ 7 P.M.

Kasey Cotula is on his honeymoon so there is no report from Metro. He is excused.

Michelle Steiner reports that several fields are not available for seeding. Some of the mangers indicated schools are available although not on Michelle’s list, so they will need to get a letter from the Contractor with the okay for use of these 
school fields for seeding weekend.
School permits are not in yet, they are due August 1,2000.

It is suggested that the Clubs make sure each of their coaches carry a copy of permits for each field they use. This can be included in their coaches packets. This way the coaches will know what fields they are permitted to use and are prepared to show proof.

A question is asked if Kenneth B. Royal school is available. To be advised.

Jack Sheldon or Hampton parks are not available in SouthGate for seeding weekend.
Florin Reservoir has permits available, but not for the Rugby field.
SouthGate and South Florin Clubs need to communicate with each other as to what fields will be available and who is using.
Manuel will get a letter from Ethel I Baker principal showing that the school field is available.
For Greenhaven, Charter Point and Parkway Oaks fields are not available for seeding nor is Freeport Shores.

Janet provided a copy of a revised game card submitted by Myra Okasaki of Land Park. The copy was passed
around to the members. M/S/P to accept the revision.

Ross Meier volunteered to head a committee to review the game cards for good sportsmanship candidates this 
season. Liz Buno has volunteered her husband to be on the committee as he won an award last year. (This may be a precedent in the making.)

Only three Clubs have responded to purchase Sacramento Knights tickets for SYSL night. As soon as tickets are 
printed they will be handed out. Clubs need to give information as to who is interested in purchasing and at what
price range.

Question from the floor as to the referee fees. Is there a cap?
For Class IV teams the cap is $60.00, there is no cap for Metro.

There will be a Head Referee meeting to discuss the changes in FIFA rules regarding possession of the ball by the

A question from the floor as to whether teams will have byes this season. Several divisions had byes and Clubs 
were hoping to avoid this. Michelle says no team has more than 2 byes, we cannot control the need for this as it is 
determined by the number of teams per division. Some cannot be helped. We will try to accommodate all the 
teams as best we can.

Hubert Rotteveel of the Sacramento Knights handed out full Knights schedules as the season will be in full swing 
by our next Managers meeting. There will be an opening season game on August 4 against the Utah Freeze. 
Hubert brought his championship ring to share with everyone. On 7/29/00 there will be a free event from 2-5 to see
the team play inner squad scrimmages. The public can meet the players after 4:00 and children will be allowed on
the field to kick some goals.

The proposed game card revision had made its way around the audience and Don Spicklemeier motions to accept, 
Second with a discussion as to change in wording. Change ejection to send off. Don accepts the amendment.
M/S/P with 1 abstention.

Rhonda Blair motion to adjourn, second by Don Chimeliski. Meeting adjourned at 8:57 p.m..

Respectfully submitted,

Marlene Vega
Secretary, SYSL

August meeting hosted by Clarksburg:
I5 South to Pocket Rd Exit, left off the Freeway
Right onto Freeport across the bridge,
Left @ Stop sign onto South River Rd abt. 4 mi.
Right onto Netherlands Rd abt. ¼ mile to 
Clarksburg Elementary School.