September 1999 Board Meeting Minutes

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President, Kathy Ayala, called meeting to order at 7:50 p.m.


All Clubs in attendance except East Sacramento.


August minutes second and approved as submitted.

No vendors.


There were 10 red cards issued this last weekend. 
A letter was issued to all managers listing which PAD representative is scheduled to attend PAD hearings and the date.
There is a $100.00 fine to a Club for each representative that does not            show up to sit on the board.
Thanks goes out to John Nunan for volunteering his office as a meeting site for the PAD hearings.
The Sept 16, 1999 meeting will be held at the Calif. Teacherís Assoc. at10th & L streets.  Johnís office is not available that night.  The meeting is scheduled for 7:00p.m

A letter is being issued for managers to pass on to Coaches regarding their behavior on the field after serving a red card suspension.

A reminder needs to be made to the referees regarding 24 hour rejection reports for red cards.  The report must be signed by all referees who officiated at the game, and the report is to be completed by the head or center referee for the game.  The report should contain a concise statement from the referee as how the offense occurred.  All 24 hour rejections must be in the 1st Viceís possession no later than 6:00 p.m. on the Tuesday night following the Saturday game

The coaches are to be sure to have the referee complete and sign a report verifying a red card player attended and sat out the assigned number of games.  This report must be submitted to the 1st Vice  before the players pass can be returned to the coach.
Red cards for Metro games do not go to Janet.  Metro has a contact person for their red card reports


A revised July 1999 statement is submitted for review.
Within the next month, an invoice will be sent to all Club Managers and Treasurers listing any outstanding fines, and registration fees that are due. 


For the record, there will be no more team registration accepted.  The League has just reached the 8000 mark, with 585 teams registered.  The last day for player registration will be October 5, 1999.  Registration after this date will only allowed for ďshortĒ teams. A bill for outstanding registration will be sent to the Club Registrars.  It will be up to the registrar to have their teams submit the payment.
A thank you to all the Club registrars this season.
Metro and Comp registration is ongoing.
Rosters are frozen 14 days prior to District Cup.  A team is allowed to move only 3 players from one team to another.


Sac United was not present.  President, Kathy Ayala read a written report from John Nunan. The fall season began September 11, 1999 and will continue until December 4, 1999. The District playing league is endorsing an increase in the referee fees, U10 to U14 $50.00, U15-U19 $65.00.  It will be up to the discretion of the individual Clubs how the fees are to be distributed to a three man system.  These will put a strain on most Clubs, but the increase appears necessary in order to attract needed referees.


The October Managers meeting will be hosted by the Tahoe Park Club.  It will be held at the Police Resource Center on Stockton Blvd. Directions to follow.


The Valley-Hi Club held the last referee clinic for the season.  Everyone has been certified.
Discussion followed regarding the fee increase to be proposed.
There is concern regarding the quality of referees.
Some of the issues are the volunteer system may no be working, experienced referees are particularly needed in the older age divisions, development of the youth referees needs to be monitored.  Some incentive is needed in order to have the referees needed and higher fees may be the right way to go.
Youth referees may only referee games within two age groups below their playing age.
Clubs may want to contact the local High School coaches in order to reach some youth referees.


The District meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 15, 1999.
The President will vote for the increased fees for referees if the League moves for her to do so.
Jim Waits motioned to have SYSL endorse the increased referees fees, Georgette Brown seconds the motion. One opposed, no absentees. M/S/P
If the increase passes at District, it will probably go into effect next season for recreational games, but would be effective January 2000 for the competitive games.


A written standings guide was handed out to all managers.
There are several Clubs still missing in submitting game reports timely. Woodland, Greenhaven, West Sacramento and River Park are missing scores.
For the record, it is important that all scores are called in no later than 6 p.m. the Sunday night immediately following the game.  Fax reports are not  to be submitted after 10 p.m.   All forfeits, byes and cancellations are also to be reported timely.

Michele apologizes for the confusion on the schedules and expresses her appreciation for the patience of all in attendance.

Club managers are asked to talk to their registrars about the impact of  moving the season back two weeks and find out if this will be okay for next season

Jim Waits reports last weekend was the beginning of the season for Metro. 
Red card reports are to be submitted to the representative listed in the coaches report.  They are not to be submitted to Janet Sheets. Jim will not be returning next season and is asking for someone to come forward to help continue the Metro program. This is a much needed outlet for players who are not able to commit to the competitive league but need the higher level of play made available through this program.


The pins have been selected and are being ordered.
Thank you again to the Clarksburg Club for the work in designing this seasons pin.

Fruitridge asked for information from any Clubs that may be interested in a SYSL day at Marine World.  There isnít sufficient interest this late in the season as most weekends are filled due to games.  Resubmit next season.

Knights Indoor Soccer tickets for SYSL night will be available to the Clubs at the next Managers meeting.  Any Clubs interested may call Kathy Ayala or Michelle Steiner to order tickets.  Flyers are being printed.


A motion is made to move a child from one team to another due to conflicts with the coach. Letter is read to the board. The parent is also requesting that the child be moved up an age group.  The board is reminded that there is a fee for moving players from one team to another after team assignments have been made.  The player did not play in any league games, and had not attended any practices. The board motion that the child be allowed to move and the fee be waived.
Aye-10, Oppose-8, Abstention-2,         M/S/P


Clubs are reminded when hiring adult referees who may be used to high school or adult competitions, they be provided with a copy of the youth rules.   ďOne finger on the ballĒ is considered possession by the referee in youth soccer.


Georgette motions to adjourn, Stacey seconds.  Meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Marlene Vega
SYSL Secretary

October meeting will be held at the Police Resource Center on Stockton Blvd., North of Fruitridge Rd in the K Mart Shopping Center Hwy 99 East on Fruitridge Left on Stockton