October 1999 Board Meeting Minutes

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President Kathy Ayala, called meeting to order at 7:35 p.m.


All Clubs in attendance, except CDM.


September minutes seconded and approved as submitted.


Several board members from the Fruitridge Club were in attendance. Mike Berrieford, Mark Groth, Kasey Cotulla and Dan Murphy.


The board was reminded that information provided in each meeting needs to be
passed along to their individual club members.   The coaches and players benefit from all that is discussed at each meeting.
There is a 24 hour ejection report missing from last weekend's game. The coaches and referees need to be reminded that the 24 hour report must be submitted within 24 hours of the game.  The report is to be completed and signed by the referees, and submitted timely by either the referee or a designated member of the Club.  All coaches have 24 hour report forms in their possession that were included in the coach's packet. There is a box on the 1st Viceís front porch for anyone wanting to drop it by instead of mailing.
To date, 42 red cards have been issued and 1 protest filed. There is an average of 250 games played each weekend so this puts the amount of red cards issued in perspective .
The board needs to remind all coaches that game cards must be mailed in after each game.  The address is printed on each game card. All game cards must be completed with the team and club names, the date,division and age group and the playing field.  Many incomplete game cards were returned this evening.  Please have them completed and return as soon as possible. Remarks on the game are not to be made on the game card.  There is only a place for remarks on the condition of the field.  Any comments, either positive or not should be submitted in writing. Metro Coaches have a place on their game cards for comments on the game.
A reminder that Coaches cannot referee their own childís game. Please make sure the coaches are aware of this, and do not let it occur.


Not present.  A written report submitted.  Some Clubs have inquired into additional referee classes.  The Davis YSL is hosting a referee class.  Anyone interested should contact Dave.  The class runs from 10/13 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.,  and begins at 5:30 p.m. on 10/14. 10/19, and 10/20. Class members from SYSL will have to pay at the class and bring their receipts to SYSL for reimbursement.


Documented report submitted.
There are Knights tickets available for the November 13, SYSL night at the Knights.  Tickets are on a first come, first serve basis as to section choices. There are 8 game slots available for the teams that sell the most tickets.


Recreational registration is closed.  There are 581 registered teams, with 8125 players.  We are up 100 from last season. Competitive and Metro play is still going on. 
There is a Class 4 tournament on Halloween weekend.  Any team interested in play must have board approval to play teams from other leagues and require the District Registrars approval for game participation.
All registration must come through the league president and submitted along with birth certificates for each player, and a picture pass for the team coach.
Metro teams interested in District Cup must have registration submitted timely as rosters are frozen 14 days prior to play. 
A letter will be mailed to each Club registrar for the additional fees due for player movement after team assignments.


Fall playing league has begun. A written report is submitted. Eighty games have been played to date, with only 2 red cards issued.
The Holiday tournaments are scheduled, there are 50 teams registered for play, with a capacity for 64 teams.
The jamboree scheduled is a good chance for recreational coaches and players to have a taste of the competitive level of play.


The November Managers meeting will be hosted by the Florin Club. It will be held at Samuel Kennedy Elementary School. Directions to follow. There are still two meeting dates open for the year 2000. Club managers please review the months available.


Glen Cole has been voted in as District Commissioner.
The referee increased fees were not voted on. The District wants each League to handle their own fee provisions. A $50.00 cap per field has been agreed upon by SYSL. Georgette Brown motioned that the maximum fee be $60 for Class IV teams, Janet Sheets seconded the motion. Discussion, there is no cap for Metro.  M/S/P


Michelle Steiner has provided standings for the last 5 games played. A master is also available for each manager of the mid season changes, and revised schedules. Coaches are being contacted to advise of the changes.  Each manager will need to check with their coaches be sure they have received the information as to time and field change. It was not possible to make all the changes necessary. Changes were made that would benefit the most teams. Managers please let your coaches know that anyone interested is welcome on next years seeding committee.
Take time to compare the master schedule to your field schedules as some fields have been replaced and times may have been added.
The 8 team divisions will be split after the 7th game.  All 5 team divisions have been adjusted so they will now have 9 games to play instead of 8.
If there are any additional parks available for next season, such as possibly any new ones, please let Michelle know so they may be added to the list for obtaining permits.
Only 2 letters have gone out to teams running up scores. If any team is interested in signing up for the District Cup and Fun tournaments they should submit their applications now. A coaches' pass is required for District Cup.
Fee registration is to be in a check made payable to SYSL.

Michelle asked the board of managers to discuss whether they wanted to continue on with an early season for next year as well. A motion has been made to the keep the early season and seconded. A discussion arose as to conflicts with religious holidays, but there has always been that problem with both Saturday and Sunday play for other religions.  A vote was taken, 10 approved, 4 opposed, 3 abstentions.  The vote to keep the early season has been approved.
Schedules are now all on the website and standings will be updated every other week.

Jim Waits for Metro announced that only 3 red cards have been issued so far this season, and that was in the first week of play.
One of the red cards issued was for a second yellow.
A reminder needs to be made to all coaches to be sure before leaving the game, they have all their player passes.
No fines have had to be issued for late reports.  The coaches are submitting their reports timely.
Mid season adjustment will be made after the fourth game.
Revised schedules will be mailed to the coaches.
The next Metro meeting has not been scheduled.
A letter will be sent to coaches in December with the standings information and at that time the scheduled meeting will be listed.
Jim will provide this information at the next meeting.  He can also be reached at 

A reminder was made for the Standings representative.  There are several coaches who have changed their phone numbers and not advised the board.  Please see that Michelle has an update on any coach for change of address and telephone.
The Clubs standings people did a good job in submitting the game scores early this last weekend to enable the Board to realign the 8 team divisions.


Tahoe Park has submitted the color changes for their uniforms for next season.  They will wear Royal Blue shirts, with black trim, black shorts and blue socks.
Georgette Brown motioned the Board accept the change, Stacey Fleming seconded the motion. Motion passes.


The league pins are finished and will be handed out at the November meeting.
A question was posed as to whether any team can play out of class. The answer is ďNo."


The West Sacramento Club wanted to thank the SYSL board for stepping in to assist with a coach problem.

The Board would like to come up with some process to acknowledge good sportsmanship within the League.  Thoughts need to be developed on how this can be coordinated.
A flyer from Ocean Spray company was discussed.  The company is supporting CYSA by contributing a portion of sales on Ocean Spray drinks.


Georgette Brown motions to adjourn, Stacey Fleming seconds.

Respectfully submitted,

Marlene Vega
SYSL Secretary

November meeting will be held at: 
Samuel Kennedy Elementary School
7037 Briggs Dr.
Take 99 So to Florin East, left turn onto Briggs