November 1999 Board Meeting Minutes

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President Kathy Ayala, called meeting to order.


All but the Fruitridge Club are in attendance


October minutes amended. The Southgate Club hosted the November meeting. 
M/S/P as amended.


Guests were Mike Pina from Land Park, Steve and Jim from Parkway and Kathy and Ann from SouthGate.


Quite a number of incomplete game cards were returned to the managers. The information on these cards are important to the processing of standings for the year.

Two of the U19 boys teams have been suspended due to fighting.

There has been good feedback from the referees and coaches regarding the red sign off sheets for suspended players.  These have provided the coaches and players an ability to learn more responsibility for their actions on the fields.

There are a number of games needing to be rescheduled.  Please be sure these are done as soon as possible.  Do not contact the 1st Vice as Janet can not make these arrangements, it is between the Coaches of each Club.

These monthly meetings are a way for the board and the managers to establish a relationship to use in contacting the 8000+ players in our league.  It is important for the managers to be sure to relay all information they receive at these meetings to their individual boards and members.

A gift certificate was presented to John Nunan for allowing the PAD committee to use his office for their weekly meetings.


All the referee clinics have been completed.  The West Sacramento and Woodland Club were able to have 8 additional referees certified last month at the Davis Clinic.  If there is anyone still interested in being certified as a referee, please call Dave for information. 

There is a need to improve the referee pool.  The PAD has had to overturn red cards due to poor decisions made on the fields.  These were errors on field play, not referee discretion calls being overturned. Referee clinics start as early as April and May.  We will need to be sure to start recruiting for referees early in the season.  Dates and locations will be announced.


A written report is submitted.

The West Sacramento Club had a loss last month.  Balmore Najarro, the husband of Sarah Najarro and a coach for the Club.  A special fund has been set up with SYSL in lieu of flowers.  There are several checks from families in West Sacramento and the Land Park Club has contributed. Thank you from the Najarro family.


A final list has been established for the remaining soccer fees due the board, and will be mailed to the Managers.

A list is being sent to the Registrars of coaches who need pictures for District Cup play.  If an assistant hasnít already been registered, it is too late now to register a coach for the team.  Any team play with other leagues requires a coaches pass.


The Thanksgiving 21st Annual holiday tournament will be hosting U11, U12,  U13 and U14 Boys teams.  Everyone is encouraged to come out to watch and cheer these teams on.  The U14 Boys team is very strong, compiled of mostly varsity High School players.  

Winter league play starts December 11, 1999.

There is an interest in reviving the Jamboree Clinic to include recreational teams.  This does require a commitment from the coaches.  Dave Richards will provide an outline of how this is set up. Usually notices are sent to the coaches and players for U10 and U12 boys and girls.  The coaches are asked to select 3-4 players to come out to Kennedy High School for three consecutive weekends to try out for a team. At least four teams are needed in each age group.  There will be one play date for recreational players to meet the competitive coaches and players. A Metro, Sac United and possibly a Division A recreational team will be scheduled to play against and with each other. This is offered to upper division teams as they are usually the ones still training this time of the season in preparation for District and Association Cup tournaments.  Sac United will organize this if there are any interested teams. Scheduled dates are December 8, 19 and January 2, 2000 at Kennedy High School.  The teams will play 8 aside with a smaller goal. CDM motions to accept this, Valley Hi seconds the motion. There is one opposition and one abstention. Motion passes. This will also provide a good opportunity for young referees to get field experience.  Joyce Lucich is the referee coordinator and can be contacted regarding referee assignments at 916-427-5053.


The December meeting will be hosted by the SYSL Board at the Florin Creek Community Center, December 14, 1999.


District Cup seeding was done last night.  The stuffing of mailers will be done on November 16, and there is a mandatory Convener's meeting on November 30.

The District meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 11 in Grass Valley.  A report will be provided at our next meeting.

The new District Treasurer is Laura Heringer.


Jim Waits reports that the Metro season is winding down.  The Club incurred $200.00 in fines.

There have only been two coaches who have E mailed showing interest for the Metro season next year.  If anyone is interested they should telephone Jim at 916-422-7333.  Managers please be sure to notify all your coaches of this opportunity and have them contact Jim as soon as possible.

This will be Jimís last year as the Metro coordinator and if the League wants to continue this program we will need to find someone who is interested in coordinating the tryouts, and reviewing the structure of  Metro. Any Club that has at least three metro teams will need to appoint a metro representative. Kasey Cotulla of Land Park has volunteered to take over, but is concerned about losing Jimís experience.   Jim has offered to assist whoever does plan to take over the position. ďRemember the future of soccer begins at this level.Ē More volunteers are needed to keep this program going.  There are 25 teams involved in Metro.

Janice has the League pins to handout to the Managers today.  The Clubs need to start thinking about next years design.  The South Florin Club is next to submit a design.  Generally three designs are submitted to the Board for approval.  The Capitol building is usually included in the design.  A suggestion is that the Club set a contest for the children to submit drawings and award a prize to the ones chosen.

Michelle has received several complaints this season about how the fields have been trashed after games.  Michelle needs to know what fields will not be in use, as the City is complaining about the Clubs not using the fields at the times the permits are held.  The permits are for every afternoon and Saturdays.  If your Club is not using a field please be sure to let Michelle know so that she can turn the permits back in.  Michelle needs to know by November 15th.

Revised schedules for the mid season splits will be mailed.  Thank you for the Clubs diligence in getting scores in on time. Standings will be available on the website through 7 games.

First place and runner up pins will be made available when all the scores are in.  We do not break ties.  If there area two division winners, then generally there are no second place winners.  There could be a first place winner and 2 second place winners in the course of a tie for second.

Final standings will be mailed after all the scores are received.  Information should be on the website by the Thursday following receipt of all the information.

For standings information on make-up games.  The coaches need to report the scores making sure to provide the original game date. Both teams are required to call in their scores. 

A reminder to all that no casts are allowed, wrapped or unwrapped.

No player pass, no play unless there is a board member present to roster the player/s onto the field.

We are still looking for submission of names of teams and or coaches for presentation of a good sportsmanship award.

The League sold 1000 tickets for the SYSL night at the Knights game. There are still some time slots available for the older age teams to play at the Arco.  Coaches are to encourage their teams to wear their uniforms at the game, and for the teams playing remember no cleats are allowed.


The High School soccer season is wrapping up.  It would be a good idea to bring the younger players out to watch some of these games.


Georgette Brown motions to adjourn, Judy Tilson seconds.

Respectfully submitted,
Marlene Vega
SYSL Secretary

December Board of Managers meeting will be held at the 
Florin Creek Community Center
Take 99 to Mack Rd West, at first Right to La Mancha
Left at the Stop which is Persimmon