May 1999 Board Meeting Minutes

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TUESDAY, MAY 4, 1999


President, Kathy Ayala, called meeting to order at 7:53 p.m..



Present, Clarksburg, CDM, Dixon, East Sacramento, Fruitridge, Greenhaven, Land Park, Parkway, River Park, South Florin, Southgate, Tahoe Park, Valley Hi, West Sacramento. Absent- Woodland. Executive Board, Claudia Kane, Mercy Loera, Kathy Ayala, Hope Anaya, Janet Sheets, Michele Steiner, Marlene Vega.


April minutes approved with amendments. In the Sac United Representative's Report, a request for the stipend is only for the three players from SYSL, Tina Wallace, Alicia Doolittle and Eliot Ricks-Chambers. The proposed budget submitted by the Treasurer for the 1999-2000 season was approved. M/S/P


Hubert Rotteveel of the Sacramento Knights submitted handouts on the upcoming outdoor season. Games begin May 22 and will be played at American River College Stadium. American River will be building a 3000 seat stadium.  Hubert reported on the new indoor facility in Vacaville. Hubert reminded the managers that SYSL night is November 13.


No report.


2nd Vice was unable to attend but did submit a fax for the President to present his report. The E clinic was completed in Greenhaven and a second E clinic is scheduled for June 25-27 in Land Park Club. Most of the coaches for Metro teams either have their "E" license or are scheduled to attend the June clinic. The exception to this remains some Woodland coaches who were directed to Metro by SYSL.Thirty-five individuals have taken the class in Woodland, the next clinic begins May 17 at the Fruitridge Community Center, and the Valley Hi club is to be commended for already having 15 individuals registered for their June referee class. District 6 has scheduled an E/D clinic in Rocklin for June 5-6 and 12-13. If anyone is interested they should contact Dave Richard. The first "F" coaching clinic is scheduled for May 21-22 in Woodland. There are 15 openings still remaining.


A written report is submitted. The treasurer will be using Quickbooks publishing for future reports. There are two Clubs who have outstanding fees, they are Clarksburg and CDM. The bills had been passed out in March.


Registration has officially begun. Dixon and Fruitridge are the only Clubs that have submitted registration.


The older children are finishing tryouts. Introduction to a guest this evening, John Noonan who will be applying as the new administrator for Sac United.


The June managers meeting will be held in Dixon on June 8. The directions will be posted in the minutes.


Land Park's U12 Girls, coached by Javier Placencia, placed 1st in Association Club. Greenhaven's U14 Girls Sacramento Kicks, coached by Alberto Perez, also placed 1st. The awards were presented at the District meeting. A list of the standings will be compiled and presented to the Board of Managers at next month's meeting.  The District meeting will be held May 12 and a report will be submitted next month.


Jim Waits submitted a list of the coaches and teams who will be participating in the Metro season. Due to the lateness of finalizing teams the metro committee is requesting the SYSL board to delegate responsibility of selection to the Metro committee, with approval to be made by the club manager and the SYSL president. Some players who do not make the tryout for Metro will want to play in the rec league and also due to the lateness of finalizing teams, the Metro committee requests that the Clubs waive any late fee for these players. Each Club who has a Metro team needs to assign home fields for these teams, remembering that only 8 teams may be assigned to any one field. West Sacramento has a coach requesting to coach 2 teams in Metro and there is a questions as to whether he is a licensed "E" coach as is required for Metro. One is an U19G team which is a returning metro team and the other is an U19B that is a new team to metro. This team is presently on probation with SYSL and has outstanding fines.

Michelle Steiner reports that 20,000 mailers have been sent to all new U14 through U17players for the ODP program in Davis. Anyone is welcome and the fee is $10.00. This is good experience for players. Their season runs on a calendar year, not a seasonal year so players may play in different age groups. The tryouts will be May 22, 23, and the 5th and 6th of June.


Some parents are complaining about the change in time for the beginning of the season. The first day of season falls on a Jewish holiday and therefore several children will not be available for play. The president reminds the Clubs that several players and coaches are not available for the second day of Seeding as it falls on a Sunday. Each of us makes a sacrifice for the game.

The coach of the Wild Girls in Fruitridge has not responded to the certified mail sent to her. She had been informed of the Boards decision for her and her team if they return this season. The registrar will be able to track the returning players by their league registration numbers so we will be able to assure these players and their parents attend the class that is required for them to participate.




The April 18 issue of the Sacramento Bee had an article on how to head a ball. It reported information on a Norwegian statistics regarding loss of attention and concentration deficits due to repeated hits. The head of pediatrics for the University of Wisconsin reports that any delicate tissue can deteriorate over time by repeated hits. A suggestion is that a softer ball be used for heading practice.

John Noonan reported on a tournament he attended in Pleasanton Ca. This is sponsored by Goethe organization through the German language class which is for High School soccer players. The team that wins has a chance for a 2 week all expense paid trip to Germany. All teams are coed and players from the Clash were in attendance. This is a great experience for the students.

Mercy motioned to have SYSL night on November 12, second by Manuel Cornejo. A question was raised as to the selection of the seating arrangement. Mercy motioned that 75% include the $15.00 seats and 25% include the $10.00 seats. Motioned seconded with two abstentions.

The McClatchy High School girls soccer team won their season, most of the players are compiled of SYSL and Sac United players.


Claudia Kane motioned to adjourn, Mercy second. Meeting adjourned at 9:17p.m.

 Respectfully submitted,

Marlene Vega
SYSL Secretary

June 1999 Managers Meeting will be hosted by the Dixon Soccer Club June 8, 1999 at Tremont School

Take I80 West, exit Pitt School Rd, take a left over the freeway, head straight on Pitt School, take a Right at Rehrmann and a Right at Pheasant Run, the school is on the left.