February 1999 Board Meeting Minutes

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          President, Kathy Ayala, called meeting to order at 7:50 p.m.


Present: CDM, Dixon, East Sacramento, Fruitridge, Greenhaven, Land Park, Parkway, River    Park, South Florin, Southgate, Tahoe Park, West Sacramento, Valley Hi, Woodland


Minutes Approved with amendments.
2nd Vice’s report, The reminder about all new coaches needing to attend an E clinic. This reminder is for Metro Coaches.
Sac United Reps report, the web site address listed is incorrect, but has since changed.
Georgette Brown motioned to approve minutes as amended, Mike Chimelewski second.
All in favor.


Ruth Yore of Yore fundraising handed out packets of what her company provides for Clubs in their fundraising efforts. She is willing to help anyone interested. Handed out several samples of the chocolates they offered.

Tom Neale and Lynn Meter-Perrel of the San Jose Clash spoke about the sponsorship program the Clash provides for Youth Clubs. The Clash has new owners, the Kraft Family. First game of the season is scheduled for March 20 against Chicago. Patrick Cross is liaison for the Clash and can be reached at Clash.com.

Tom brought some gifts from the Clash and raffled them off for the managers. Lucky raffle winners were Manuel Roleri, and Hope Anaya.


A list of the scheduled coach and referee clinics was passed out to the managers. Managers need to be sure that the list are passed on to their respective Coach and Referee Coordinators, as these will not be mailed to the Clubs. This information is also available on the website.

The coaches need to read the registration form and be sure to complete the bottom of the registration form and return it timely along with a check. The check will act as the reservation.

A stamped, self-addressed envelope needs to be enclosed so the participants can be sent a confirmation for the class. Coaches attending an E Clinic must submit a copy of their F license along with their application. The F Clinics are held in the evenings. The instructor will assign the class time.

For a Club hosting a Clinic, the head referee or head coach must reserve a room and be available at the beginning and ending of the Clinic to be sure that the accommodations are set for the instructor and to return the checks to those members who pass the class. The league pays the fees for those who pass. Coaching classes will be held on a Friday night, and Saturday

afternoon. The coordinator needs to be sure a classroom is available for Friday and fields and bathrooms are available for Saturday. Referee classes will be held in the evenings.

New coaches to Metro who do not have an F license will be given special considerations so that they may take the E Clinic and have the F Clinic waived.

The schedule is tentative at this time because the League is at the mercy of the instructors and assignors. Submitting schedules and applications as early as possible is good.

The E/D Clinic is being hosted by Folsom Feb. 20, 21, 27 and 28 and coordinated by District Coordinator, Rod Harmon.


A summary report for 12/1/98 through 1/31/99 is submitted. Each month is itemized.

Bills are being sent to Clubs with outstanding bills. Clubs will be in bad standings if the bills are not paid before the AGM.

For District 6 games, the coaching coordinators were given cash by the treasurer to pay the referees. The coaches must submit the names of referees paid to account for the monies paid out. There is a form they are to submit. Greenhaven, West Sacramento, and Woodland have not returned the forms.


The following Clubs have outstanding fees for registration, South Florin, CDM, Clarksburg, East Sacramento and Parkway. Letters were sent to each Registrar as to the outstanding amounts.


District 6 has proposed a policy for Under 10 play in select and competitive levels of play.
There may not be more than a total of 20 games in a calendar season, July 5 through December 31. This includes league games, jamborees and end of season competition.
Practice is to start no earlier than July 5. There is no "Grandfather clause" for U10 players.
Copy of draft is submitted for the audience.

Changes voted on at the annual general meeting held in Oakland go into effect next season.

Appeals have been increased to $200.

The next District meeting is to be held in Yuba City.


There have not been any calls received from coaches interested in Metro. The newsletter has not gone out yet.

Five of the metro teams have won their divisions. There are several teams with outstanding fines. The managers need to be sure these are all accounted for.


Tryouts for U10-U14 Sac United are in the mail. The last two weekends in March will be devoted to U10 through U13. Players must come to at least one night tryout. This will be at ONeal park under the lights. A working roster will be due to District by the end of March.
Mid April will be tryouts for the older age groups.

Information will be posted on the website sysl.com and sacunited.com.

Ted Spitaleri is the webmaster for the site which has been up for a couple of weeks now.

Land Park is the only Club at this time who has submitted information for the website.

Information from Dave Richards went on to the site right away. It usually takes a day to update.

E and F clinic forms are on the web site. You will need to have acrobat 3.0 to view or print these forms.


There was a problem with the printers for the final standings so they will not be going out in time to inform our members of proposed changes.
Ross Mezer of Greenhaven reviewed the constitution and found that it only requires the membership be notified 15 days in advance of the meeting, and the Board of Managers must be notified 30 days in advance. From today’s date it will be at least 30 days for the Board of Managers. The corrected listings should go out within the next few days so it will reach the membership within 15 days of the AGM.

There was only one proposed change to the constitution, and a list of the Sac United tryout schedule.

There have been several questions regarding State Cup transfers. These should be made to Mercy Loera.

Credential check for our AGM will be at 7 p.m. on March 9, 1999. No proxy votes are allowed.

The Board has made a decision that there will be no winter league this season in SYSL Field availability is a major factor. The city parks and rec department will start to charge for use of fields for games and practices to the Clubs at $4.00 an hour and $15.00 an hour for lighted fields. This is the usual cost for local citizens wanting to reserve the fields and usually the League has been a non fee organization due to our non-profit status. Whoever uses City parks may be affected by this. Clubs should check with the City to provide information about our non-profit status.

A request is being made for assistance from someone to prepare the list of available fields for the season.


A possible change of season was discussed. We could begin the last weekend in August, and gripe night would have to be held on the Friday of Labor Day weekend. The normal deadline for team assignments would have to be moved up and lamination would probably have to done on weeknights. There is some good and some negatives to be considered.

Club Managers need to bring this information back to their registrars who will be most affected by this change to see if they feel they can meet the earlier deadlines for team assignments, and lamination.


The Fruitridge Club would like to have a booth set up at the Cinco de Mayo festival in Sacramento providing information about SYSL season and have each Club provide fliers for their respective registration. They ask that SYSL pay for copies of each Clubs registration so that there can be several available for handouts. Fruitridge would run the booth.


The US beat Germany 3-1.

The Board has purchased some tickets for the Women’s World Cup July 4. This will be a double header at Stanford. Tickets are $50.00 each and there are 50 tickets available.
Contact Kathy Ayala on the soccer line if you are interested in purchasing a ticket.

The Women’s team is playing San Jose on Sunday against the World All Stars.


Meeting adjourned at 9:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Marlene Vega
SYSL Secretary

March 1999 Board of Managers meeting will hosted by the SYSL Board at Cal Middle School 1800 Vallejo Way